Young Thing Logo Book

As a DJ he has never let the crowds down and has never made a compromise in his sound, but still managed to progress through the years and fuse Techouse and Techno in a bowl of psychedelic groove.

Brought up in a family and circle of musicians, Toton was encouraged to pick up an instrument from an early age….and then came the passion for the more extreme side of music, industrial with a deadly dose of Hardcore Punk and Death Metal on that pot. From Metal to Techouse and Techno, it has been an interesting and a bumpy road for Toton in his 19 years of DJ career, a mountain of experience that has kept him at the forefront of the unique scene in Kosovo. Currently busy in the studio producing music, expect a lot coming from him.

Toton has played in and out of Kosovo, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia.

Played alongside: Laibach, Gus Gus – Live, Morcheeba, Dubfire, UMEK, SIS, Dave Mothersole, Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, M.A.N.D.Y, Pascal Feos, Guti, Steve Bug, Robert Babicz, Peace Division, Andrea Oliva, Michel Sacher, Michel Deep, 16 Bit Lolitas, and local heroes: Dardan Ramabaja, Likatek, Naka, Goya, Vegim and Flekitza, Legoff, Uran B, Budha, AlexUnder, Dj Sabb, Drenique and many more.

Clubs: Nordstern/Basel, Q Club/Zurich, Supermarket/Zurich, StairsClub/Zurich, Tanzhaus/Frankfurt, Aquarium Club/London, The Russian/London, Remix/Tirana, Mumja/Tirana, The Club/Skopje, Zone Club/Prishtina, Spray Club/Prishtina, Birraria Shallter/Prishtina, many other clubs, big and small as well as many other festivals.